Bella Vista Creek

Welcome to Bird of the Day!

You might notice some recent changes to the blog. For one, the banner image above has changed from Mustang Island on the Gulf coast to a picture of a local birding spot near my house. Likewise, I plan to focus many of the upcoming posts on birding that area. On the right hand side of the page you will also see the addition of a new gadget that lists what birds have been seen in that area in the last 30 days. Further below, there is a link to ebird for more historic information about the birds seen at Bella Vista Creek. Feel free and contact me on the blog about what you think. Click on images to enlarge. (All photos by gbmcclure)

Oct 30, 2011

Butter Butts

If the arrival of the butter butts (yellow-rumped warblers) in my back yard this morning is any indication, I think the weather has shifted to Fall for good. Let's hope. I hate being cold on Halloween only to find myself hot again on Thanksgiving.

Oct 29, 2011

Fall Mornings

Out at a Lake Creek this morning briefly. The drought has resulted in less vegetation but in turn more pathways to explore. Had a nice vireo I have yet to ID and one of the nicer looking Loggerhead Shrikes I have seen in the last few years. This was especially sweet as last year or so I saw almost none.

Oct 25, 2011

Dawn of a New Era

Finally broke down and bought my first decent pair of binoculars. The cynic in me has a sneaking suspicion that they are little better than the $30 dollar Bushnells I've been using but who knows (check back later for a review). The good thing is, they do come with an unconditional lifetime warranty so I will never have to buy another pair (actually either will anyone I give them to as they're good for the life of the bins no matter who purchased them).

Since I have the new binoculars, I plan on leaving the camera home for awhile. Hopefully, I can still make posts fairly interesting, or at least be more prolific.